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August 11, 2008


Scott Cheatham

Amen John! I have enough to worry about growing the church God has given me to lead to worry about someone else. Praise God for BAF and your fine work in it's leadership. A very wise pastor once told me that when the critics come (and they have), to just tell them you're working on the wall and do not have time to come down to chat. (Obviously a reference to Nehemiah).

Stay on the wall John. I'm watching. Praying for you as I know you pray for us!


well put. I'm an avid reader of because of the silly comments on the stories they publish. The story on BAF had the most comments ever for a caller story. That means only one thing; BAF is on the right track, and there are those who cannot identify with a "successful" church. What I mean by successful is that BAF is reaching the unchurched. I play every week at BAF Kingsville and it is something I look forward to every week. I am a BAF'er. nuff said.

Loui Canchola

Thank God for Bay Area Fellowship and its leadership

Grant Clark

WOW. What a great post. "The person you love the least, is how you love Jesus." Again, WOW.

Doyle Brookshire

Over 4 years ago I was on staff at another church in Corpus. During that time I felt challenged by what Bay Area Fellowship was doing. Many of your staff allowed me to come in and see how you guys did church and I was incredibly blessed by those relationships. It changed my life and ministry forever. Still today as we have phone conversations I really appreciate what we can do together if we will just spend our time giving to each other and focus on reaching "unchurched"/hurting people. I am now at a church that does church like Bay Area and it is great to see people experience life-change every weekend. I thank you for being Bay Area! Thank you for leading Christ Followers to think about people outside the church...It's all about them...

Richard H. Wendland

Gig 'em John!!! Your the man!

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