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June 19, 2008


Rindy Walton

I definitely think legacy is about impact. What people remember fades so quickly that 5 yrs down the line, friends who could talk forever about you, describe you in one word.

Legacy is about life change. Who have I impacted enough to help shape who they are and how they impact others. My legacy?--that my guys become godly men not afraid to risk listening to God; and people experiencing that God can change, heal, and use anyone...and they show others...and it keeps going on...

Dave Cotham

I guess the best legacy I could leave would not be one of this world but of the one beyond. It's because of people who have turned from thinking of themselves, and instead think of their God and of others that I am able to say I can have an eternal legacy. Thanks John for your part in that! I would hope my legacy would be that Heaven is more full and Hell is more vacant because of something God has used me for in helping someone discover Jesus Christ and His Love and His Salvation.

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