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September 16, 2008



AMEN! The 'enemy' has tried to take my life more than half a dozen times, that I can remember. I do as you when I pray. Thank Him for the air I breath, for my family, saving my life, saving me, clothing, roof over my head, electricty, water, food, transportation, living in the United States of America. Pastor Bil spoke about losing it all. I have, and I keep thanking God for what He has in store for me in the future. 'Double for your trouble' ...

Jason Forbus

Amen. It's way to easy here in the US to slide from gratitude to entitlement. Good word.

Rindy Walton

Excellent words and list. As uncertain as tomorrow may seem, today I'm incredibly grateful for all that I'm blessed with.

Richard H. Wendland

Awesome post, it's amazing how even the best of us need to be reminded every now and then. It's awesome how you are taking Pastor Brian's situation and using it to remind us of how blessed we are. AMEN

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